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Hello and welcome to Tour Guide Talks. This show introduction covers the reason this podcast was created.

You may have heard but tour guides can be some interesting characters. This show is about a some of those tour guides, the reasons they choose this profession, and the companies they have started. But we also get into the interesting things they find, the tours they host, and the travel information they want to share with guests and friends alike. This means they spill the beans on secrets and hidden treasures you will find off the beaten paths!

Grab your passport, follow the leader, and let´s learn something new.


Álvaro Garza, Producer & Host

Barcelona / Girona, Spain

Laura Coch is an official tour guide in Catalunya (Catalonia) Spain. She hosts a variety of tour themes around the Barcelona, Girona, and Costa Brava areas. In this show, we talk about Picasso, Dalí, Gastronomy, Spanish civil war, and the difference between Catalans and Spaniards. She explains what is right and sometimes wrong things say during a tour. And the one place you can take a pass on when in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Barcelona, Spain

Sebastian Ciontescu is a tour guide of several themes in Barcelona. In this episode, we talk about his arrival in Barcelona and how Barcelona chose him. We discuss Sebastian´s music journalist background and how he uses his journalist tools to create impactful presentations. We discuss client/tour guide relations with large groups opposed to smaller private tours. We talk about a post-pandemic tour industry and how he is pivoting with the halt in tourism. Enjoy!

Sevilla, Spain

In this 4th episode, we learn about Sevilla Spain from one of its premier guides, Marta Casals. We discuss her career of 20 plus years of being an official guide and what she is doing to pivot during the covid halt in tourism. She gives us some insight into the history, art, Arabic influences, music, and controversies of architecture and some famous (maybe infamous) explorers. She teaches us the best way to see Sevilla and when visiting can be more difficult due to the crowds. Enjoy!

San Sebastian, Spain

We are off to the land of Pintxos, wine, and cider? Where the bay can be surfed and the mountains are down the street. In episode 5, we talk to Borja Torres. He is the co-founder of Experience San Sebastian. (His wife, Penny, is the other co-founder) We talk about why he started his tour business in San Sebastian. By the way, it´s a great story of not being ordinary. Borja educates us on the other language that is spoken in the Basque Country. He talks about how he incorporates his passion for surfing into one of his tours. We talk about famous food, wine, and cider (yes cider) found in the northern parts of Spain. Borja explains the gentle rivalry of which region of Spain originally brought and made famous a dried salted fish. Lastly, we talk about Borja´s recommendation as to what NOT to do when visiting San Sebastian. Enjoy!

Madrid, Spain

Does going off the beaten path excite you? Are you interested less about dates and more about the social, political, and gender politics? What about street art? Then you will be interested in what our guest Javier Garcia has to say. He has started an alternative tour company, Cool Tour Spain, where he takes his guest to the less-visited corners of Madrid. Javier explains the complex nature of street art and how the works can be interpreted. In addition, he also has created tours about feminism, architecture, and alternative perspectives on Madrid. The best part is he offers a free tour for our listeners. Enjoy and Thank you, Javier!

Barcelona, Spain

Esther De Wildeman started a tour company in Barcelona, Mucho Gusto Travel. She offers a variety of tour themes in several languages. It wasn´t until she experienced her partner´s father, who had disabilities, visit to Barcelona did she realize there was a compassionate market niche she had not noticed before. A premier accessibility tour company was born. Esther decided after to broaden her tour offering to all sorts of private tours. This episode is about how she crafted this company, the details she is committed to,  and how she is able to make many dreams come true by offering a rare service to a deserving demographic.

Barcelona, Spain

Tour guides will be reporting on the festivals, the festival´s history, what people do to celebrate the festival, the foods that are eaten, the festivities, concerts and more importantly why you should join in if you happen to be traveling to that destination in the future.

Ibiza, Spain

Are to ready to get your ears blown out by house music? Because this episode is about Ibiza, the most popular party and electronica music mecca of the world. Or is it? We have a talk with tour guide and entrepreneur Toby Clarke of Walking Ibiza and Ibiza Food Tours. We talk about his love for Ibiza for its beauty, natural diversity, cliffs, clear water, sunsets, and the scenery that will bring a tear to your eye. Then there is the food, wine, and sweets. So much to talk about. This episode will change your perspective and any stereotypes you may have about Ibiza.